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phil deville

Songs by Phil Deville videos by Mandy Smith

Photos by Shanna Sanders

We Love You!

Phil DeVille, started his career playing his own kind of Rockabilly in his band Mustang Lightning. He has a great following  in Denver Colorado where he loved playing at the Skylark Lounge with fellow band member Lance Bakemeyer of the Hillbilly Hellcats, Michael Voelker aka Mike Lightning, Aaron and many more.  Phil spent ten years performing in New Orleans where he was signed to Monkey Hill records and New Rose records in France (1993).  He worked with Cowboy Mouth, Allan Toussaint, Alex Chilton, Michael Ray and Andre Williams and once he came to Houston he was fully immersed in the scene.  He's played with many different bands to include the Albert Storo Blues band where he met Mandy  Smith in Kemah Texas.

Phil Deville’s recorded music includes the albums Mustang Lightning, Texas Voodoo Surf, Kepler’s Planet, Texas Voodoo Surf re-release, Texas Radio,  Chopper Surf Guitar Club and his new single “Sunshine Daydream” will be released this month with Smith DeVille!  All music is available through CD Baby, Amazon or Rumble Cat Records direct.